Really, first of all, performed the guy ask? If they haven’t suggested or asked for a dowry, you then’re most likely freaking completely over nothing. But let’s imagine for debate’s benefit which he did request your hand-in marriage or is honestly hinting at it.

Sample, “whenever do you ever see us getting married?” or “we ought to entirely go to the Eiffel Tower for the five-year anniversary.” If this sounds like happening and you understand you aren’t prepared for marriage, then you need are 100 % straightforward with him.

If you like him and then he enjoys you, it shouldn’t make a difference when you are getting hitched. Stay him all the way down and clarify you’ve seen him mentioning the topic a large number. The thinking behind not being ready is completely your responsibility.

Perhaps you’re concentrating on your job? Which is reasonable. Or perhaps you need to finish off your post-education before you take in a fresh duty. Also, extremely fair.

In case you understand inside gut he’s just perhaps not best guy for you, that’ll never ever change. You either understand or you have no idea just in case you’re investing some time wanting to find it, you ought to oftimes be 100 % truthful with besides him, additionally your self.


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