About Us

Medical Education Experts (and its affiliate Great Northern Consulting Service) are a team of experienced GPs, Medical Educators, Allied Health and Administration staff.

Our aim is to provide individual doctors, practices and training organisations with the resources and advice to build efficient and sustainable learning and teaching environments in healthcare.

Our team of consultants have extensive experience and qualifications in:

  • Accreditation for General Practice and as an AGPT training post.
  • QI and CPD planning and accreditation.
  • Personal career and professional development support.
  • Practice management, business development and HR management.
  • Education support for doctors progressing towards, or needing additional assistance with GP Fellowship examinations.
  • Developing systems for in-practice education and supervision.
  • Resilience coaching, personal counselling,  and mentorship for doctors.
  • Programs to assist with contextual application of medical knowledge in Australian Healthcare.
  • Medical education and clinical research design, grant writing and project management.
  • Medical education resource development and program evaluation.

If the medical education or training service you require is not on our list, please contact us and we can further discuss your needs.