Education Atlas

The Education Atlas  consists of: One Section containing all of our most popular resources to download. Five Sections outlining key resources for particular learning areas: Assessment Preparation Resources Clinical Resources Clinical Reasoning Resources Communication Skills Resources Supervision Resources Please note that the above resources, whilst thorough, are provided more comprehensively within the

General Practice Study System

The GP Study System is a resource designed to stimulate learning across the domains, populations, presentations and processes within Australian General Practice.   It can be used for individual or small group learning, in conjunction with a the MAP App (study plan), and as a prompt for in-practice teaching.  The GPS system is available as a …

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Clinical Reasoning Compass

Clinical Reasoning Compass is an online course designed to improve your clinical reasoning skills in order to improve your diagnostic and therapeutic processes, and assist with General Practice assessment, in particular the KFP Exam.   The course content has been authored by experienced Medical Education Consultants.  Please note that product has been developed independently and is …

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