Our eLearning products have been developed by experienced Senior Medical Educators and are curriculum linked.  They are available by subscription.

  • GP Study System Bronze:
    • Access to useful resource list for assessment preparation;
    • Access to a closed STUDY GROUP FORUM to organise study groups as an alternative to facebook.
  • GP Study System Silver:
    • Access to Clinical Reasoning Compass including 30 KFP-style practice questions and model answers;
  • GP Study System Gold:
    • Access to the GP Study System, a curriculum-based learning and resource guide for RACGP exam preparation.
    • Access to the GP STUDY SYSTEM FORUM.
  • GP Study System Platinum: The best of all of our subscriptions, rolled into one!

The GP Study System is a curriculum-based online learning resource, designed to promote exploration of the RACGP curriculum by outlining key areas of focus, creating learning tasks, and linking to key resources.  It provides useful areas of focus, education activities, learning guides and hundreds of linked resources to complement Clinical Reasoning Compass.  For more information on the GP Study System click here.

Clinical Reasoning Compass is an online course designed to improve your clinical reasoning skills in order to improve your diagnostic and therapeutic processes, and assist with General Practice assessment.  It complements the GP Study System.

The course content has been authored by Dr Rebecca Stewart, Dr Jan Hanson and Dr Eugene Wong, all experienced Medical Education Consultants.  Please note that product has been developed independently and is not endorsed by the RACGP or ACRRM.

Clinical Reasoning Compass complements the GP Study System.  

Then course content will take approximately 12 hours to cover.

The course consists of:

  • Four Lessons (15 minutes each), outlining approaches to clinical reasoning and assessment.  
  • Three Lessons with Clinical Reasoning Quizzes:
    •  Each lesson has:
      • 10 Topics, each with detailed quiz answers with clinical reasoning approaches and linked resources.  The topics are based on the key curriculum areas.
      • 1 timed Quiz (80 minutes) with ten (10) KFP style cases, each with multiple parts.  Each quiz ‘case’ is related to a curriculum topic.
    • The quiz questions can be marked for review (cf. the ‘real’ KFP) and questions and answers accessed for comparison to answer keys.
    • The quizzes can be done multiple times, however answers are only retained for 24 hours once the quiz has been commenced.

The Course can be completed in any order, however it is recommend to proceed in this way:

  1. Read the Lessons
  2. Complete Clinical Reasoning Quiz 1, and then review your answers (Topics 1-10) by using the “VIEW QUESTIONS” TAB.
  3. Compare your answers to the model answers in the relevant TOPIC section.
  4. Then do the same for Quiz 2 and 3, enabling you to applying the techniques learned from the Topic sections.
  5. Course and quiz certificates are available for download on the Course Profile page.

Please note, that questions are open to interpretation and those provided are answer keys only.  Whilst the questions are KFP-style, they are designed to promote clinical reasoning, rather than exam technique.

The Course includes a Forum where participants can discuss their approaches.

If you’re looking for other resources to explore clinical reasoning, our eBooks are also available.

WARNING!  This website and course are monitored by plagiarism software.  

Copying and disseminating of website and course content is prohibited and is trackable.  Infringements will incur legal action.

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