Communication Skills

  1. Care Measure:   The CARE Measure is a quick (only 10 questions), clear and easy to complete patient-completed questionnaire. It measures empathy in the context of the therapeutic relationship during a one-on-one consultation between a clinician and a patient.


  1. Client Focused Evaluation Program (CFEP):  CFEP has earned an international reputation for providing a high quality service in assisting health professionals (such as GPs, consultants, and nurses and their organisations) with gathering patient-based evidence on the quality of their service and relationships with patients.


  1. Consultation tips for New GP Registrars:  Article

For many new registrars, starting general practice is highly challenging. The general practice environment is characterised by unfamiliar presentations, relative independence of decision-making, greater time pressures and clinical uncertainty.

  1. The Inner Consultation by Roger Neighbour available from Amazon – Order here

The Inner Consultation, Second Edition sets out the author’s thoughts on how consulting skills, and methods of teaching them, have evolved in the 17 years since the book’s first publication. It also develops the theme of ‘curiosity’ as the key requirement for patient-centred consulting and provides a practical consultation model with five checkpoints to work to, advice for developing skills, and suggestions for doctors to ensure they know the cues in the consultation that require their full attention.