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Medical Education Experts offers a variety of services to individual doctors, practices and training organisations to enhance competence and excellence in medical practice. For further information regarding any of our services, please contact us.  

If you are seeking Exam and Assessment Preparation information, please see the following Education and Assessment Support section. 

If you would like a particular resource designed, development and/or evaluated, our Medical Educators have specific experience in these areas.  We can create modular, webinar, workshop or assessment content to suit your learner’s needs, with a subsequent evaluation of the effectiveness of the resource.

Doctors transitioning from the hospital system into General Practice or who have trained primarily overseas can find contextualising their knowledge in the Australian Healthcare system difficult. We can provide information, resources and coaching to assist in your work transition.I am item content. 

We can assist your practice to develop in-practice education activities to meet the continuing medical education requirements of practice staff.   We have several consultants who hold Education Activity Representative status with the RACGP QI and CPD program and who have experience in accreditation for the ACRRM PDP program. We can design in-practice activities such as small group learning opportunities and audit programs that will create productive learning environments for your team.

GP Training Posts accredited with RACGP and ACRRM are required to provide in-practice education (i.e. teaching) supervision for their GP Registrars.   Education supervision can be provided in 1- 1.5 hour blocks, either within the practice or via virtual classroom or Skype, allowing GP Supervisors to maximise their time delivering clinical supervision. We can also provide GP supervisors with advice regarding resource efficient supervision models.

We can assist you in getting your practice ready for initial or ongoing accreditation as a medical and/or training practice.   In particular, we have extensive administration and medical education experience in the accreditation of General Practices as GP Registrar Training Posts.

We have consultants skilled in business management, medical administration and human resources that can provide guidance on a personal and practice level.

If you are having difficulty defining your career goals or meeting your professional development needs, individual advice and mentorship programs are available.

Doctors who are finding their profession clinically or professionally difficult may benefit from mentorship or our Professional Enrichment Program.   It is common for doctors that are having difficulty completing assessments to lose their confidence, and resilience coaching can be beneficial.   We have consultants with mental health expertise, including a social worker, who can provide additional support.

We can assist with clinical and medical education and health research project design, grant applications,  and project management.

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