Navigate your way through learning with the General Practice Study (GPS) System

The GP Study System is a resource designed to stimulate learning across the domains, populations, presentations and processes within Australian General Practice.   It can be used for individual or small group learning, in conjunction with a study plan, and as a prompt for in-practice teaching.  

The GPS system is available as a boxed set of 90 Topic Cards, Education cards and Learning Tools, or a web-based version accompanied by linked resources.   You can also access it via the new GP Study System Course where the topics and resources are arranged in a 24 week, RACGP curriculum-based study plan.


The GP Study System is endorsed by GP Supervisors Australia (GPSA). Their FAQ document:  Teaching technologies and the GP Study System provides a useful insight into it’s design.

So, choose a topic, review the focus areas, try a suggested activity, and explore a learning tool – The GP Study System will assist you to navigate to your knowledge destination. 

*For group subscriptions or orders, please contact us directly as discounts may apply.


The GPS System was developed by:

  • Incorporating a detailed analysis of the RACGP Curriculum and BEACH Data;
  • Acknowledgement and inclusion of the variety of ways in which doctors learn, and the way in which their learning can be supported.
  • Recognition of the importance of a plan for learning with clear objectives;
  • Reflecting on 20 years of personal experience working in Australian General Practice, and over 15 years working in undergraduate and postgraduate General Practice education;
  • Considering extensive knowledge, published research, and experience working with doctors having difficulty progressing through their medical careers.

The GPS System is made up of:

  • 30 Education Cards
  • 20 Learning Tools

Each Education Card includes:

  • Key areas to focus on;
  • An education activity from each domain of practice;
  • A learning tool
Each Learning Tool includes:
  1. A description of the tool
  2. An step-wise approach to using the tool.

The GPS System works best with a well-developed plan for learning – the MAP App can assist with that!  You can use the GPS System by yourself, with a group of colleagues, or with a supervisor or mentor.

  1. Choose a topic;
  2. Choose a focus area;
  3. Try a suggested activity;
  4. Explore a learning tool.

Reflect on your learning and how it fits in with your plan!

The GPS System is available in two formats:

  1. A Web-based course via subscription.
  2. A box set of cards available on by order.
  • The web-based version contains hyperlinked curriculum, clinical and medical education resources.  It is formatted for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.  The course is arranged as a 24 week study plan, and is also accessible as individual topics.
  • The box set is great for ‘tea-room teaching’ and small group learning.

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