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Curriculum area:


Focus areas:

  • Addiction
  • Psychological medicine
  • Vulnerable populations

Document how health literacy levels in custodial populations may differ from the mainstream population.

Find out how medications are dispensed and administered in custodial settings.

In your local area, document the name of any custodial facilities and how they are medically serviced.

List ethical dilemmas that may arise in managing patients in custody.

Identify organisational and  legal considerations that may impact upon a consultation occurring in a custodial setting.

  1. Conduct a literature scan regarding health literacy in vulnerable populations.
  2. Identify, using a web search, which medical conditions are more prevalent in custodial situations.
  3. Research the demographic profile of custodial patients as compared to mainstream populations.
  4. Discuss with a colleague or supervisor how you would manage ethical dilemmas in custodial care.
  5. Role play with a supervisor or colleague how you would explore the suicide risk of a patient you are reviewing in a custodial setting.