Assessment Preparation Resources

RACGP Assessment Preparation

  1. Exam Preparation Guides and National Resources Faculty Resources Order Form
  2. FRACGP Exam Support Blog
  3. FOAM4GP (Free Open Access Medical Education for General Practice) – Multiple resources written by GPs for GPs including:
  4. GP Core Content (by Dr Thomas Perkins):  200 episodes, 40 hours of Podcasts for exam preparation.
  5. General Practice Registrars Association Exam Materials
  6. General Practice by John Murtagh – available for purchase online
  7. GP Trove:  General and Exam resources
  8. HMTV Teaching and Learning Space– study preparation, AKT, and KFP exams.
  9. Medical Education Experts Facebook Page and Exam Group
  10. Podcasts:
  11. Pre-exam workshops, webinars, courses and study groups
  12. Prevention Guidelines:
  13. The General Practice Exam Book by O’Connor, Oommen, Park, Schwarz, Warby, & Zadeh.  The book has been authored and reviewed by experienced GPs, GPRA members and leading medical editors, and contains general preparation advice, information relating to the exams, practice questions and cases. Available from GPRA:  Order here
  14. Typing courses:
  1. Passmedicine and BMJ OnExamination– UK based revision resources – subscription provides access to question bank of over 3000 questions
  2. UK RCGP
  1. KFP online:  practice questions – subscription required.
  2. What’s the KFP CAATCHHH?  Technique tips for the KFP.  (Video available:  KFP CAATCHHH)
  1. Clinical Examination Essentials book– An Introduction to Clinical Skills (and how to pass your clinical exams) by Talley & O’Connor
  2. Genevieve’s Anthology – OSCE Tips
  3. Nomadic GP – OSCE Preparation Tips
  4. OSCE – Clinical Cases for General Practice Exams by Dr Susan Wearne available from Booktopia. Clinical Cases for General Practice Exams 3rd Edition assists candidates preparing for the Australian general practice clinical examination, an exam which all doctors must pass to practice as a General Practitioner in Australia.
  5. OSCE proforma template for reading time.

ACRRM Assessment Preparation