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GP Study System Flashcards

The GP Study System Flashcards are a GPSA-endorsed education resource for learners and supervisors containing over 300 RACGP curriculum-based activities and learning prompts. COST: $80 (incl. GST) + Shipping

Clinical Reasoning in Medicine Quiz

Test your knowledge of clinical reasoning and common biases in medicine.

How To – Use the GP Study System Flashcards

Learn strategies for using the GP study System Flashcards for individual and group learning in Australian General Practice.

How To – Create a Study Plan for RACGP Fellowship Assessment

Create an individualised and curriculum-based plan for RACGP Exams.

Using the BEACH data to prepare for RACGP exams

This course outlines the common presentations in GP, linked to key resources for learning them. COURSE COST: $100

Clinical Reasoning in Medicine Short Course

The Clinical Reasoning in Medicine Course will help you to identify biases that influence your practice, and provide structured techniques to improve your diagnostic and therapeutic reasoning, illustrated by Case Studies. COURSE COST: $150

Education Atlas

The Education Atlas is a repository for information, resources and links for learning and teaching in General Practice, and in particular, for assessment preparation. The course is FREE via a GP Study System Subscription (all levels including Bronze Subscription).

General Practice Study System

The GP Study System (GPSS) is a 24 week, curriculum-based study plan with curated resources and detailed activities, to prepare for RACGP Fellowship examinations. It is best used in conjunction with the Clinical Reasoning Compass. The GPSS is available via a GP Study System Gold or Platinum Subscription.

Clinical Reasoning Compass

The Clinical Reasoning Compass Course explores clinical reasoning techniques, and how to apply them in GP Assessment and Clinical Practice, using KFP-style questions with detailed explanations and answers. It is available via a GP Study System Platinum Subscription.

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