Clinical Resources

  1. Australian Doctor – How to Treat articles
  2. Medical Observer Guide to Guidelines
  3. UpToDate®
  4. Australian Family Physician- includes clinical quizzes and brief interviews available as podcasts – articles
  5. White book/Red book etc.
  6. eTG – Therapeutic Guidelines
  7. RACGP GP Learning
  8. GP Core Content:  RACGP AKT, KFP, OSCE and CAAKT questions
  9. ThinkGP(N.B. Pharmaceutical input)
  10. Better Health Channel website– information for doctors and patients
  11. Medicine Today
  12. The Medical Journal of Australia
  13. Primary Care Medical Abstracts– Monthly podcasts summarising key literature that informs primary care.  Free 3-month trial before subscription required.
  14. Primary Care RAP (Reviews and Perspectives) Monthly podcasts for primary care – One free podcast per month.  Further subscriptions available.
  15. GPInbox
  16. GP trove
  17. Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance
  18. The Art of Mindfulness
  19. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health:
  • gplearning resources – AFP Clinical Challenge January/February 2014: Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness
  • CHECK Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health 2011 (have to back order or borrow from John Murtagh Library, RACGP)
  • National guide to a preventative health assessment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (‘National Guide’)
  • Aboriginal Primary Health Care – an evidence based approach (third edition)
  1. Asthma – National Asthma Council Australia’s Australian Asthma Handbook
  2. Dermatology:
  • Fitzpatrick’s Colour Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology textbook by Wolff, Johnson and Saavedra
  • DermNet NZ
  • Dermatology Made Easy:  Amanda Oakley
  1. Diabetes – Diabetes Australia (including Type 2 Diabetes Management GP Guidelines)
  2. Critical Appraisal – 2009 article by Amanda Burls, Oxford
  3. ECG Interpretation:
  • ECGs Made Easy textbook (not Aus) by Aehlert.
  • The ECG Made Easy textbook (not Aus) by Hampton
  • ECG Quizzes
  • Life in the Fast Lane ECG Library
  • Acadoodle:   ECG, Blood gas and electrolyte tutorials
  1. Emergency Medicine– Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine (Aus) by Cameron, Jelinek, Kelly, Brown & Little
  2. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Llewellyn-Jones Fundamentals of Obstetrics and Gynaecology textbook by Oats & Abraham
  3. Medico-Legal –AFP Articles
  4. Men’s Health – Andrology Australia
  5. Mental Health– Manual of mental health care (Aus)
  6. Ophthalmology– Free Eye manual NSW health
  7. Pathology – RCPA Manual
  8. Patient Safety –
  9. Paediatrics:
  1. Preventative Care – RACGP Clinical Guidelines
  2. Radiology –Diagnostic Imaging Pathways
  3. Sports Medicine– Clinical Sports Medicine (Aus – Brukner and Khan)
  4. Therapeutics– NPS Medicinewise
  5. Women’s Health: