Assessment in Medicine (AIM) Consultations

Before you commit psychologically and financially to GP Pathways, and/or Assessment Preparation Programs, take the opportunity to find out what is most likely path to meet your end goal.  Not everyone needs an intensive, expensive exam preparation course, and choosing the right pathway can make your journey to GP Fellowship much easier.  An Assessment In Medicine (AIM) Consultation allows you to spend a dedicated time via Skype with a Medical Education Expert, to discuss your individual needs. 

Please note:  Enrolments for Assessment Preparation Course Intensives are only given after an AIM consultation is undertaken.

Prior to the AIM Consultation, we will ask you complete/submit a series of documents to provide us with information to prepare for your Consultation.  After the discussion, we will provide you with a summary of the consultation and a  list of recommendations including courses and resources that will help you hit your assessment and training targets.  If your AIM Consultation suggests that an Assessment Preparation Course with us might help, we will reduce your course fees by 5%.  The Fee for an AIM Consultation is $500 + GST.


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