Will any information I provide be held as confidential and private?

  • All information provided will be held with utmost confidentiality as per our Client Information Policy.
  • Information will not be provided to third parties without the written consent of parties involved, unless there is a breach of the AHPRA conditions necessitating Mandatory Reporting.

How will education challenges regarding culture  be managed?

  • For Doctors whom cultural isolation or other issues are a predominant feature, the engagement of external parties (with the doctors consent) will assist in education support.   For example, a Cultural Educator or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mentor may be engaged.

What if I do not agree with the information and feedback I have been provided?

  • You are under no obligation to take on board the advice and feedback required as part of any assessment or advisory process.  However, the information is provided with considerable expertise  and as such should be held in high regard.

Can I seek fee reimbursement for the educational sessions under the Additional Assistance Scheme?

  • You will need to contact Rural Workforce Agency in your state for further information regarding eligibility requirements.
  • Our courses are not accredited for QI & CPD or PDP points however you may wish to self-record your participation.

 If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!



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