Plan. Learn. Perform.

The Medical Assessment Planning (MAP) App will help you find your way to assessment success!

Why do you need a MAP App?

We all learn differently.

Doctors learn, work and study medicine in a variety of ways. The MAP App provides a structured, researched and curriculum-based approach to learning to ensure your study is efficient and comprehensive.

Passing takes more than just reading the books.

Rote learning is not the answer to success. Deep learning by way of frequent revision and a multifaceted approach will achieve the results required.

Knowledge is diverse and contextual.

The MAP App uses your personal and patient demographic profile; your confidence in the presentations, populations and processes of general practice; and prioritisation of the curriculum areas to generate an individualised path for study.

Plot a course for exam success with a MAP, a GPS and a Compass!

The MAP App will help you to systematically approach your study for GP exams.

By combining the MAP App as your study plan, the General Practice Study (GPS) System as your learning and resource tool, and Clinical Reasoning Compass to apply and test your knowledge, you’ll have the best chance of reaching your assessment destination successfully!

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