How to bake a competency cake

With the release of exam results, there is always much social media discussion – commiserations for those that had difficulty passing, jubilation from those that did, and questions from the candidates in waiting about how they should approach the challenge.  What is often forgotten is that the exams are just a ‘slice’ of attaining Fellowship …

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Now is the time to change your tack

Six months ago, or hopefully more, you set sail for ‘Destination Fellowship’ – a sometimes difficult journey fraught with unforeseen challenges interspersed with interesting facts about sometimes unfamiliar places.   The end reward of this journey is the freedom to use your newfound knowledge and experience to embark confidently on your GP career. I’m sure when …

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The Podium of OSCE

Here you are, about to jump……. With the fervent exhilaration that is OSCE preparation, it struck me today that the OSCE is a “performance of practicality”.  I was admiring my teenage daughter’s precise performance of  very pre-rehearsed public speech when I reflected that her presentation was analogous to an OSCE oration – she knows the stuff …

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