Professional Enrichment Program (PEP)

We acknowledge and understand that working and training in the health sector can be challenging, especially maintaining a healthy work life balance.  We offer the Professional Enrichment Program (PEP) and can also design specific mentorship programs to suit your needs.

The course utilises a coaching model of education delivery to assist medical practitioners in the following aspects of individual and therapeutic care:

  1. Emotional identification, regulation and vocabulary
  2. Self-care particularly as it links to resilience
  3. The impact of optimism on the quality of work and life
  4. The impact of empathy on your work:life balance
  5. Work life integration and skills mapping

The course has six (6) content hours with predisposing and reinforcing activities.

  • It can be delivered individually and in small groups, via virtual classroom (Skype) or within workshops.
  • The course is delivered by Mr Simon Stewart who is a social worker with extensive experience working in Employee Assistance Programs, and Ms Kasey Lloyd who is a psychologist with expertise in Doctor’s health.
  • Course costs vary dependant on delivery mode and group size.

To enquire about the Professional Enrichment Program, please complete an Education Support Form.

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