Diagnostic Exam Approaches

$20.00 +GST

An approach to preparation and attempting the RACGP Applied Knowledge, Key Feature and RCE/CCE Examinations from a clinical reasoning and practical perspective.


The key to passing the exams is critical thinking and clinical reasoning.  Without those, even if your technique is perfect, it is not possible to pass.   This resource explores diagnostic approaches to problem-solving for the components of the RACGP exams.  It includes practical approaches to preparation, including the education theory behind the approaches.   Through stories and analogies, this book will provide you with information such as:

  • How to methodically analyse exam questions;
  • How to check your written exam answers;
  • How to approach RCE/CCE stations;
  • What to consider if you’re not successful.

Most importantly, it will improve your approach to clinical problem-solving, reducing your diagnostic uncertainty and enhancing your day-to-day practice!

The ebook is downloadable as a PDF.

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